Auto Body Insurance Adjuster Jobs

Details on the most Auto Body Insurance Adjuster Jobs . Is Auto Body Insurance Adjuster Jobs still the one?

Personal insurance covers various situations where you may be legally responsible to cover for something that happened to someone else on property that you own or, in some situations, on property that you don’t own. It is more focused on the coverage for individuals to tackle personal losses due to injury, accidents, or damage to properties.

What are Auto body Insurance Adjuster Jobs

Auto body insurance adjuster jobs covers a variety of situations where the client may be legally responsible to pay for something that happened to someone else on property that they own. As well as, in some situations, on property that they don’t own. Some examples of common claims are:

  • Visitor’s injury resulting in medical bills
  • Legal expenses resulting from lawsuits that seek to recover damages that are potentially covered by the policy
  • Bodily injury or property damage that results from client’s negligent acts or omissions
  • Bodily injury or property damage caused by clients’ pets
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Auto Body Insurance Adjuster Jobs Statistics:

Insurance Information Institute (III) conducted a study that showed Net Premium Written (NPW) for the personal insurance was 53.5% of total NPW. This percent amounted $329.8 billion. On the contrary, the Net Premium Written for the commercial insurance line was 46.5% of the total NPW. This amounted $287.1 billion. However, in recent years, insurance marketing shows the odds are in the favor of commercial insurance as its significant growth.

Based on the quarter one of financial result in 2020 published by the Insurance Information Institute, the growth rate of NPW for the commercial line has increased by 12.1 percent. Whereas, the personal line faced a growth rate of only 3.0 percent. The data shows that even though personal insurance had huge profit margin, the profitable niche market has yet to be tapped from commercial insurance. Even when customers searched for “insurance agent near me“, most of the agents shown were personal line insurance agents.

Auto Body Insurance Adjuster Jobs


  • Booming Businesses– Businesses are growing rapidly. As new companies get established, many people are employed. When there are new businesses with numerous employees, the risk factor will also be extremely high. Hence, these businesses will require commercial insurance to protect themselves from any unforeseen mishaps. Additionally, the federal government compels every business to get commercial insurance. Hence, further increasing the demand for commercial insurance policies. So, insurance agents should consider the booming business to grow their presence in the market further.
  • Diversified proliferation – In modern times, business trends affect the market. New business trends allow the insurance industry to develop new niches. Business trends and disruptive force plays a huge role in birthing new niches in the market. For example, uber and such ridesharing technologies developing a ridesharing insurance and so on. On the other hand, it is not the same for personal lines. This is because they have a stagnant diversity and are rigid in nature. A smart independent insurance agent surely knows how to tap in to the diversified market.
  • High commission payout – Commercial insurance policies have higher policy limits in comparison to personal insurance policies. The high-valued nature of commercial insurance directly affects the commissions an insurance agent earns. The lower-valued policy limits lower the commission dollar earned, whereas the high-valued policies increase with the increase in commission dollars. Also, while marketing for insurance, knowing about high commission payout in commercial line can be a huge plus point.

Personal insurance in CA can be found at every nook and corner of California because people need to protect their personal belongings. Also, Personal Insurance shows a huge profit margin and a boom for personal insurance. However, at the same time, the booming capitalism has resulted in booming businesses and establishments of startups. This has contributed to the growth of commercial insurance and development of new niches.

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personal insurance