What Does Personal Property Insurance Cover?

What Does Personal Property Insurance Cover? It can be a difficult choice for competent insurance agents to choose to sell. has been the golden child for years. But in 2021, many opportunities have started to come ahead as the pandemic slowly eases out. It is the best time for you to step into the insurance market and become an independent agent or own an insurance agent brokerage firm. The direct premium written of Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance is on the rise by 5.2%, according to Insurance Information Institute (III). Hence, you can explore the P&C insurance landscape to the fullest.

People seem to get confused about whether to focus on personal insurance or commercial insurance on the bigger picture.

Personal insurance provides coverage for individuals with problems due to personal losses such as injuries, accidents, or property damage. For instance, What Does Personal Property Insurance Cover? It can be a difficult choice for competent insurance agents to choose to sell. provides clients with various health insurance plans. On the other hand, commercial insurance provides coverage for any business-related problems or risks.

It is wiser to choose commercial insurance over personal insurance for selling insurance in today’s time. 

what does personal property insurance cover

What Does Personal Property Insurance Cover?

  • Expansion of market – With time, businesses are rapidly growing. As new business firms get established, many employees get hired. When there are new businesses with many employees, the risk factor will also be extremely high. Hence, commercial insurance will protect these business firms in their moments of despair. To add on, the federal government mandates every business to purchase commercial insurance through an insurance carrier, further increasing the demand for commercial insurance policies.
  • Diversified proliferation – These days, business trends highly affect the market. New business trends allow the insurance industry to develop new niches. You can also build possible niches under a specific commercial niche. On the other hand, it is not the same for personal lines as they have stagnant diversity and rigid in nature. Also, this might be the same case for personal insurance in Illinois.
  • High commission payout – Commercial insurance policies have higher policy limits than personal insurance policies. The high-valued nature of commercial insurance directly affects the commissions you earn. The lower-valued policy limits lower the commission dollar earned, whereas the high-valued policies increase with the increase in commission dollars.
  • Advanced technology – Businesses have been effectively using technology to bring advancements in the market. Along with the advanced use of technology, some downsides also come along with it, like cyber-attacks. According to Statista, the average loss due to cyber-crime amounted to 27.37 million in the U.S. as of 2018. It implies that there is a potential market to tap into cyber security insurance.
  • Rise in commercial insurance rates – Not only can you bring in a higher commission for yourself through renewal fees, but you can also get it through premium rates. According to reports, the highest spike was in Financial and Professional liability policies by 23% and Directors and Officers insurance by 44%. Higher prices lead to higher commission dollars.


  • Focus on a particular niche for your independent insurance brokerage
  • Attain knowledge about companies and how they function
  • Evaluate risk factors
  • Establish an appealing website and keep it updated
  • Proper and frequent engagement with clients
  • Research on prospective clients

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Suppose you can focus on a particular niche and gain extensive knowledge about their whereabouts; in that case, you will eventually start to see a wide pool of possibilities and opportunities in commercial insurance when you become an independent insurance agent. Whereas, if you choose personal insurance, the nature of it will be too rigid. If you want to get Personal Lines Producer Insurance Licenses then this blog will help you out.


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